How to write a short Essay in few Hours

The best way to communicate your thoughts and ideas is to write them down in the form of essays or articles so that you can easily share that with several people. Some of the people find it hard to transform their ideas or thoughts in black and white as they are afraid of spending so much time on it. Some of the key points in writing an essay in short time are described below.

  • For writing an essay on any particular topic, the most important ingredient is that, you should give 10 percent of your time to plan your essay and research on it to gather valuable information.
  • Your mind should be relaxed at the time of writing so that you can focus on your work. Develop a good story or different ideas in your mind first.
  • If you have the choice of subject, then you should prefer the topics where your interest level is high.
  • Decide the type of essay you are writing, whether it is academic, explanation, story, biography, description etc.
  • Once you choose the type of your essay, it means your mind is clear and you are mentally prepared for it. The rest of the work gets easier.
  • For starting writing any kind of essay firstly you have to think on it from various angles and you have to build a structure or frame in your mind by organizing all your idea.
  • Starting your writing is where you mostly stuck. Forget about the structure of sentence. Whatever comes to your mind, start writing on a piece of paper and prepare a first draft.
  • Categorize your essay in terms of different paragraphs like introduction, history, names, places, conclusion etc. once you split it in different paragraphs, in each paragraph focus on a single idea and you would be able to develop your essay in a short period of time.
  • Giving a second look at your draft and adding some more thinking you would be able to modify your first draft and it will transform it in to a good writing.
  • When you have finished writing then have a thorough reading of your essay and remove the unnecessary portions and modify or make improvements where you find some lacking.
  • Sump up your essay with conclusion at the end. The conclusion should not give rise to new information or thoughts. You must wrap up your story already presented above in the body of essay.