How to Write a Simple 3 Paragraph College Essay

Studying in college is hard work and in order to achieve any academic success, you will need to learn many different things that will not be directly related to the subject of your studies. One of them is the rules of essay writing.

There is a great number of academic paper types that you’ll need to write during the time you spend in college. Thus, it’s better to know what to expect before you start. This will help you perform better from the very beginning and will assist in building up a credit of trust with your professors.

Usually, teachers use simple three paragraph essays to help students develop the skill necessary to write more complex types of papers. Although, this particular kind of essay isn’t used in college courses, it will help you greatly in mastering the art of academic writing.

This is how you write this simplest form of essay:

  • Start with visualization. You will need to have an approximate idea of what your essay should contain. Once you’ve visualized it, you’ll have to separate the work in three parts. They are: introduction, body and conclusion. Introduction is a must have in every kind of academic paper, and so is conclusion. The body, however, will be broken down into several parts when you write a more complex type of paper. Its structure will depend on the type of the essay you’re working on.
  • Next, you should choose a topic of your essay. Of course, you will have some general idea of what you should write about, but your task is choosing a narrow topic that you will develop in the essay. For example, if your subject is family relationships, you can write about the effects of divorce on the mental state of both spouses.
  • Here you’ll need to rely on your imagination and wit. Remember that the topic you choose will be the key element of the paper. Thus, you must be sure that it’s indeed deserving of such close study.
  • When you know what you want to talk about in your essay, you’ll need to create an outline that will include all three parts of the work. Be sure to write down separate paragraphs in the second part of the outline that pertains to the essay’s body.
  • The outline will help you with research and will keep your mind focused on the topic.
  • Now is when the fun part starts, you will need to research the matters you outlined and write the actual paper. Finally, you’ll need to edit and proofread the essay.