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Basic Guide for Writing Five-Paragraph Essays

Five-paragraph essays can seem simple enough – until you actually start trying to write them. Though students receive fairly decent instruction in essay writing, they can be very uncomfortable with the entire formatting of these essays. With little extra assistance to aid struggling students, essays can be a serious problem for hundreds of individuals in the modern education system. Luckily, five-paragraph essays don’t have to be difficult, as long as you understand how to complete my homework and general rules to crafting one.

When students begin writing five-paragraph essays, it’s important that they don’t immediately start writing the essay itself. First, they should develop a cohesive outline that organizes their thoughts in an easy-to follow format. This outline can take shape as a bulleted list, or as an essay map. Always begin with the introduction, but remember – you may not have to write the introduction immediately. Just leave it in the outline, and develop it after you’ve organized the major points in your essay. In your outline or map, pick out the biggest arguments or evidence that you’ll use to support your essay. You have three paragraphs in which to do this. Your final paragraph is your conclusion. The conclusion is designed to neatly wrap up your findings or claims; it should briefly summarize your essay and provide a nice, neat conclusion as a result.

The beginning of your essay should be your introductory paragraph. This essentially reveals the topic and reason for your essay to the reader. Make sure you communicate what the essay is going to be about, and what you are trying to accomplish in writing it. This main seem simple, but it can be detrimental if you don’t communicate your thesis clearly enough.

The next three paragraphs should include your supporting evidence and major points. Each paragraph should focus on one main point; don’t try to cram two or more separate ideas into a single paragraph – it will just make your paper feel cluttered and disorganized. After you’ve explored each major argument or point, it’s time to wrap up with your conclusion. Again, your conclusion is a single paragraph designed to summarize and highlight the findings proven in the essay.

Make sure, throughout your entire essay, that you’re ideas flow smoothly from one to the next. Check for spelling, grammatical and mechanical errors in your writing as well. This can protect you from embarrassing mishaps and fixable errors that could devastate the integrity of your paper. Revolve around the same basic thesis or point as well, so you don’t inadvertently stray from your original idea or topic.

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