5 Drawbacks Of Online Academic Writing Services

There has been a massive increase in the number of students who are seeking online academic writing services. There are many reasons for this activity. Students find themselves under pressure and unable to complete a particular assignment. They find that the topic itself is very difficult and they have trouble with research let alone the writing. And of course there are always issues like ill health and personal issues which put pressure on the student. So in order to change their situation, to overcome their problem, thousands of students contact an academic writing service. But there are drawbacks in working with an online company. Here are just five of them.

  • you may never get to meet the person who is writing your essay
  • some online service companies are crooks
  • you pay before you get the work and you may overpay
  • it may be impossible to make contact with the online academic writing service
  • the person writing your essay may not have English as their first language

It really is an anonymous situation. So often the person who is actually writing your essay is someone you never meet, someone whose name you do not know and someone with whom you cannot build a report. You always deal with a third party when dealing with your writer. This can lead to misunderstanding and can generally reduce the value of the service for which you are paying.

Sad to say but some of the online academic writing services offer a fraudulent service. It might be that they sell essays which they've already sold to somebody else before you pass them off as being an original document. It may be that they take your money and offer a very poor product making it extremely difficult for you to track them down and get your money back. The best bet here is to only go with those who've been in business for a very long time and have an excellent reputation.

Like so many things which you buy online, you are paying for the essay before it arrives. You have to hope that there are certain guarantees from the company that if the essay does not meet your requirements, the company will edit or rewrite those particular sections.

If you try to make direct contact with the person writing your essay, this may prove an impossible task. If you engage somebody nearby and somebody you can contact directly by telephone or email, then that can be a big plus. Your online writing provider may be impossible to contact directly.

You have to hope that the person writing your essay is fluent in English. Often there is no way you will ever discover this fact. Sometimes the only way you will discover it is when you read the work that they created for you.