The Evolution Of College Football

Every dies hard football fan who loves college football undoubtedly likes to know some history of their favorite sport. Not so many do know much of its origins even if they have been long-standing fans who have followed the game for decades. So in order to give a bit of sports trivia and help out some fans of college sports, I will give a brief history of the game. Also, how college football originated and grew from a mere school game to the major sport, it is in today’s modern world.

To begin with college football started in England despite it not being so popular there as what we call soccer that is where American football originated. The original game was made in the 1840’s. Adapted from a game called Rugby, that is popular in England. It was originally just a small game played by students there but British soldiers stationed in Canada brought the game there and led to the next stage in college football development.

As the soldiers passed the game on to locals in 1861, some students from the local branch of the University of Toronto held what could be considered the first real football match. This then led to it being adopted by America in turn as events led a different way there. American students had picked it up and would begin with a Princeton and Rutgers match that would lead to the first American football match on a college campus in 1869.

The game however still resembled Rugby and did not differentiate much from it. However by the 1870’s a man named Walter Camp was able to change the rules a bit while playing at Yale, and the game finally took on a form much more recognizable as football. After playing the game, he helped make Walter Camp became a coach later in the 1880’s, and 1890’s helping the sport to grow on campus and also to other colleges.

As the new sport would continue to grow and people across America would fall in love with it. Over the next several decades, it would become a major national sport and become the iconic sport in America second only to baseball. In the 1920’s the National Football League or NFL was formed and new teams began to be registered and the rest is history. Football would continue to grow in every direction from its origins on a college in England to the great stadiums of America.