Business Law Essay vs. Other Types of Essays

All essays have the same essential components: a strong, broadly written Introduction, a central Thesis or Argument that takes the form of a statement or single sentence, three to five Body Paragraphs with substantive arguments, evidence, research, or exploration, and a Conclusion that summarizes the paper and makes a broad statement about the topic, and hopefully returns to the Introduction’s themes and wraps it up.

However, a Business Law essay has several differing traits that distinguishes it from term papers, argument essays, and other essay forms. It is essential to keep these differences in mind when constructing a paper for a Business Law class, lest you leave something out. Below are the factors to pay extra attention to.


Jurisprudence is the term used to refer to the historical or conventional interpretation of the laws that are on the books, as interpreted by the court system. That is to say, it is important to pay attention not only to business laws that are currently enforced, but also to pay attention to how those laws have been interpreted by the judicial branch, at all levels of government.

One particularly important example is corporate personhood. In the United States, all individuals are entitled to basic freedom of speech and expression. However, a series of court cases in the past have determined that freedom of speech applies not only to people, but also to corporations, which can be seen to operate like fully fledge individuals. The law itself does not state that corporations have freedom of speech, but the jurisprudence does.

Philosophical Roots

The legal system is rooted in a history that goes back to Ancient Greece, where educated citizens would openly debate all issues up for public discussion or conflict. These philosophical origins influence the legal system and influence laws pertaining to business, too, and must be taken into consideration when reading or writing about legal precepts.

It is important to understand philosophical language when consuming business law documents and when writing about them. Brush up on modal and symbolic logic and the language of rhetoric and persuasion before delving into a legal topic in an essay.

Legal Jargon and Business Jargon

Business Law essays are particularly difficult because they require mastery of two kinds of lexicon: business speak and legalese. Make sure you are familiar with all the terms in your writing prompt, as well as in all the supporting documents you are reading Facility with the language of both “worlds” is important if you wish to write an essay everyone can understand.