Using Different Resources While Writing Your Academic Paper

The writing of your essay, thesis or dissertation takes careful planning. The better you are at planning and managing your writing resources, the better your finished product will be. Of course being good at writing is more than helpful. But every student who is an honest worker when it comes to their writing skills, will do themselves a huge favour if they get their resource management technique under control.

Where you find different resources for your writing activities depends entirely on you. Obviously resources online are now many and varied. Of course you need to be wary that the quality of the resources is sufficient for your needs. It doesn't matter if the resource is free or requires a fee, what does matter is the relevance and quality of the resource.

Collection and storage of resources

Finding the best resources for your writing project is the first step. The second is deciding which material is relevant and helpful and therefore discarding that which is not. And finally the third aspect is how well you store your resources. The student who scribbles on loose pieces of paper and puts them in a bag is far less likely to improve their writing skills than the student who is well organized.

Having a book set aside simply to take notes and record resources is one way to go about it. Another is to type that information into a digital appliance and back up that appliance so you have the information safe and easy to access. Remember your writing activity can last weeks, even months and the better you are at storing your resources and are able to locate them quickly and easily, the better it will be for your writing activities.

Be good at asking questions

In using different resources while writing, you need to have a list of appropriate questions. You create this list by studying the topic of your writing activity, by talking to your tutor about possible references and by brainstorming to come up with as many ideas on the topic as possible. From this information write appropriate questions. Finding the answer to these questions will help you use different resources.

Remember that all academic writing follows a series of rules or conventions. These will vary from institution to institution. But knowing these rules will help you discover the greatest number of quality and relevant resources to assist your writing.