End Your Application Essay With A Strong Conclusion

Now that colleges are requiring nearly every applicant to write an essay, students have the opportunity to really set themselves apart from the rest of the applicants. You are no longer admitted to the college of your choice solely based on your grade point average and your standardized college readiness tests. With an application essay, you are able to show the admissions committee what kind of person you are and what kind of a writer you are. This makes it important that you know how to properly craft every part of your essay, even the conclusion.

Reel the Readers In

In order to get the admissions committee interested in reading your entire essay, you will need to write the most amazing introduction you have ever written. You do not want to write something cliche, like a quote from an inspirational person or an anecdote about the time you were working as a missionary in Belize. Your introduction should be based on the topic that is assigned and it should show your personality. Every part of the introduction should have a purpose, since it is the first paragraph that could determine whether or not the admissions committee members want to keep reading your essay.

Show that You Can Argue

The body of the paper should build on the introduction with more unique information related to the topic. You should show that you can defend an argument or describe a situation. Your word choices should be special, but not over the top. The details in the paragraphs should be clearly explained so the words paint a vivid picture in the minds of the readers. If your topic lends itself to a paragraph with a counter-argument, take advantage of presenting an argument and defeating it strongly. The admissions committee wants to see that you are able to use words for a strong purpose and effectively arguing why an idea is wrong will impress them.

Leave Them Wanting More

If you are fortunate enough that your readers have gotten to the conclusion, then you have the opportunity to really drive your essay home. The conclusion does not have to be a boring paragraph where you simply restate the hook and claim. You can suggest courses of action that relate to your topic. You can suggest where someone can go to learn more about the topic. You can leave the reader pondering thoughtful questions. This is the place where you should remain memorable, so the admissions committee has no option but to accept you to your first choice school.