How To Write A Good Outline For Your College Essay

There are just so many students who neglect a good outline when writing their college essay. This is because they procrastinate and need to rush to write the essay just in order to get it in on time. Or because they think they know everything there is to know about the topic and can write it easily and with little preparation. Both of these situations are wrong and potentially disastrous as far as the score given to your essay is concerned. Not only do you have to do an outline for your college essay but you need to do it well.

The benefits of taking your time and getting a good outline in place before hand involve an almost pain free writing process, the best possible piece of prose you can produce and therefore the best possible score from your examiner. It simply makes good common sense to get a good outline created in the first place.

An outline is a plan, is a guide

It's important to understand exactly what an outline is. If you think of a roadmap and consider that you are on a journey from point A to point B, then having an excellent roadmap will make your travel plans and the actual journey so much more enjoyable and effective. Without a good roadmap you could go the long way around. You could even get lost. So understand that the outline for your college essay is your roadmap. It helps you move from a piece of blank paper or a blank screen on your computer or tablet, to a finished essay which is the best work you can produce.

Just as your essay will be divided into different parts, so too will be your outline. Give yourself the basic headings of introduction, two three fact paragraphs, and the conclusion. Leave plenty of space under each basic heading. Now you start to fill in the spaces with relevant and important information.

With the introduction, concentrate on finding a brilliant opening sentence. If this means using a quotation which is relevant and catchy, by all means use it. And arguably the most important sentence in your entire essay will also be contained within the introduction. This is the thesis statement. Take your time and get this absolutely right. Your entire essay is based around your thesis statement. You're going to spend the rest of the essay proving that the thesis statement you have chosen is correct.

Then you come to the fact paragraphs and whether you have two or three will depend on the requirements of your college. In the space under each paragraph heading will come the points you wish to make. The more important point or points will go in the first paragraph and the lesser important point or points in the subsequent paragraph or paragraphs.