Selling Security to the Organization

For many businesses in the service industry, the delivery of security service is viewed as an intangible product such that there is no any physical commodity when purchased. Therefore it depends on the clients own view of the security industry to toggle what could be seen as a malice purchase into an investment. So it solely depends on perception. The client organisation has to believe that security service delivery will make a significant difference to their revenue margins. The client organisation should know to measure the effectiveness of a security protection they should also figure out how placing security officers at outlet points and throughout a trade store will result in improved profits. The organisation should also be made aware of how advantages offset the expenditure. It is the responsibility of the security service provider to avail proof of all the above aspects in a positive manner to achieve quality results and reduce the effects of various of the phenomena that come together to strengthen the necessity of security. For instance a door supervisor should be the first and final line of defence for the venues of their operation. It is their duty to gauge the risk of customers whether they are under the influence or not, and depending on their risk evaluation they will either permit or deny them entry.

The problem of security professionals is the ability to make security purchasers comprehend the value added to their businesses which begs the million dollar question.... how do they do that? To some security companies, attaining several industrial accreditations such as, ISO, ACS, NSI and Skills for Security is the answer. Security providers should not have a notion that subscribing to numerous certified accreditations will change the service providers to a lean mean professional organization as what the accreditation means for the client and what is in it for them are the questions security providers need to deal with. Rule of thumb in selling security is: clients do not purchase the security organisation, they procure a needed outcome. So regardless of the accreditations a corporation holds, the bottom line is; can they generate the customer’s desired result within the constraints of their budget?