8 Steps for Writing a successful Essay

School is never easy, regardless of the level at which you may be at the moment. The truth is that every single year of schooling in your life will teach you something new and that these new things are very often not so much related to the actual curricula of a certain subject, but to skills that may be useful later on in life.

Academic writing may not be something you will use a lot if you do not plan on pursuing an actual career in this field, but the truth is that it can teach you very important things. This kind of writing needs you to adhere to some strict guidelines and it needs you to be very organized both when it comes to your research and when it comes to your thoughts. This kind of skill is useful regardless of the job you may have later on. Also, academic writing can teach you to self-discipline yourself and to know how to organize your time better and both of these things can be useful later on in life as well.

If you have to write an essay and if you want to make the best of it, then you should definitely follow the next tips and tricks. Although it may seem that at the moment essay writing is not actually teaching you something new, you will later on see how much this kind of assignments has helped you be able to argument yourself better.

  1. Start with a good topic. If your teacher has only provided the rough guidelines for the topic of your essay, then think of a theme that will actually interest you and your teacher. Be creative and original about it and think of how it can be combined with other fields of study (movies and physics, for example).
  2. Make sure that you are not too original, because this will also mean that you will find it almost impossible to find the right materials.
  3. Check with your teacher to see if the topic is appropriate, so that you make sure that you are on the right path.
  4. Research everything in a very organized way. Use sticky notes and colored markers if necessary.
  5. Furthermore, make sure that your essay will be very well structured as well. Start with a good introduction and with expressing your clear opinion.
  6. Bring at least two arguments for your opinion and split them into different paragraphs. Make sure to back your essay up by proper referencing.
  7. End with a conclusion that will sum up everything without making it sound too repetitive.
  8. Last, but definitely not least, make sure that you express your opinion in a professional, formal, academic way.

Using the first person pronouns and verbs too often may not be recommended, so try to use them sporadically.