High school essay: plagiarism detection

In high school, essays are one of the most dreaded assignments. High school students in general hate them and they can take so much of your time. When you’re in high school, you already have a lot to deal with like family, possibly a part time job, after school activities like sports or choir, and now this essay on top of all that. For most essays, all you really need is a game plan. If you can schedule the time you do have and focus solely on this essay, it will make things so much easier. You’ll be able to get done more than you thought.

How to Outline a High School Essay

So how do you plan for an essay and make the most of your time? The biggest writing tip you can get is about making outlines. These create a strong base for building up the rest of your essay, and you’ll be able to finish it faster. Since you already know where everything is supposed to be and how it’ll look when it’s done, that takes all the confusion and guess work out of your first draft!

Now the most basic parts of an outline involve sticking to the format that your teacher wants. This means that you should make some notes based on the instructions you were given in class so you make sure you won’t forget anything. Then, jot down some ideas you have for each section of your essay. Typically, you’ll have an introduction, body, and conclusion. For each of these, write down what you want to say. Here’s a guide to what you need in each one, in case you aren’t familiar with essays:

  1. Introduction: this is where you talk about what you’re going to talk about. Lead the reader in with an interesting quote or captivating question. Make some notes about what your opinion is on the topic you’re writing about, both from your side and the opposing side. You also need to introduce briefly some of you research.
  2. Body: this is the meat of your essay. Put your best research, words, and effort into it. This is where most of your marks will come from, and where your writing will really shine.
  3. Conclusion: wrap everything up. You should have a retelling of each point from your body, and end with another poignant question or thought provoking quote.