Writing a death penalty essay - How to stay respectful?

The death penalty is known to be a hot and controversial topic. Many people do not like the aspect of the government “playing God” when it comes to punishing someone for a crime they committed. Others feel they are for it and say anyone who commits heinous and despicable crimes should not see the light of day. Since this can be a touchy subject, some find it challenging to actually be respectful while writing their thoughts in relation to the topic.

Considering the Family of the Death Row Inmate

Usually, people think about the person who was the victim of the crime. Whatever the crime was, in many cases it took the life of a person when it likely didn’t need to end this way. The family of the victim lost is devastated and want justice to be served. But, what about the family of the inmate who was sentenced to death for the crime? They may be hurting too; especially if they had no idea their loved one was capable of such a crime. Maybe they did what they could do for their loved one and unfortunately, have to deal with the backlash of being related to the inmate.

Does the Crime Really Fit the Punishment?

This may depend on where you live and how well you know the laws for your jurisdiction. But, sometimes you have to stop and think about what was done and why it was done to begin with. Sometimes a crime seems unjustifiable. Other times it seems like the death penalty is likely. People who are for it may think it is best when someone commits a crime they know was wrong. If the person is considered sane and understands their surroundings and what they did, maybe they do deserve death. Others feel that no matter what crime was committed, it is the easy way out of getting punished and this brings a lot of emotion. If you are against the death penalty then what will you suggest instead and why?

When It Is Hard to Have Sympathy

Sometimes it is hard to have sympathy or even respect for the person who is on death row. Yet, anyone who believes in God may say you should pray for them as you would the victim’s family. There are times we do not know why something happened when we were not there. All you can do is look in from the outside.