Asking Parents To Help You With Homework Assignments

In real sense, homework is meant for personal evaluation of one’s understanding on what was learned in class. Therefore, one should not be assisted in handling homework by other people as by so doing you hardly exercise on what you gained from class. The aspect of seeking help from parents while doing homework indicate on how one is lazy towards doing his/her homework and also lack of accountability too. Parents should also not be moved by the pressure from their kids to help them in carrying out their homework. Such steps can impact laziness to the kids and therefore affecting their education plan. However, if homework is research based, a lot of involvement is required as one learns more during the research and if assisted in such cases it can prove so hard to learn more ideas developed from the research work.

When to seek help from parents for homework assignment

Under extreme cases one can ask for assistance for homework from parents and such cases are:

  • When one is not feeling well to handle the assignment comfortably and this is also understandable to the parent’s side of view.
  • If the homework is requiring a higher degree of thinking and thus the parent involvement can ease up the situation. Such cases are when it comes to facts that are of a higher level of study meant to diverse on one’s ways of thinking.
  • When asked by the issuer of the homework to seek such assistance from parents. However, this is rare although it may be the case under certain circumstances.
  • If the homework is questionnaire based and your parent’s contribution is required. Such assignments require the collection of data on various facts from the parent so as to sample up enough information that can enable you carry out your assignment without difficulties.

Parents on the other hand should act wisely when asked by their kids to help them in their assignment but first evaluate on the possibility of extending such assistance for them before doing so. If the reason is not genuine, then the parent is highly advised to keep off such attempts as by so doing it impacts laziness to the child.

Furthermore, assignments tests on one’s ability to handle certain class work problems and helping one in such cases makes it difficult for him/her to be conversant with what is being taught and thus interfering with his/her educational progress.