Top 20 Topics for a Research Paper in World History

World History is a subject that has tons of topics to write about. When faced with the assignment to write a research paper in your class, you might feel overwhelmed by what to write about. There are many topics to choose from, so it’s important to choose one that you have some understanding of, and that has a lot of room for discussion. Here are some ideas for topics you can write about for your next research paper in World History.

  1. The Stone Age – How did humans survive? What impact did the Stone Age have on mankind and the rest of the world?
  2. Confucius – How did Confucius affect the development of Chinese culture and thinking?
  3. Trojan War – Was the Trojan War real or fictional?
  4. The African Slave Trade – Why did Americans and Europeans look to Africa for slaves? What was the ‘middle passage’ and how did slave trade affect earlier societies?
  5. Adolf Hitler – What inspired Hitler to become a dictator? Why did he attempt to exterminate the Jewish race?
  6. The Holocaust – How did the Holocaust affect the world? How did the Holocaust compare to the Turkish Massacre of Armenians?
  7. Scientific Revolution – What was it? How did it impact the rest of the world?
  8. Containing Communism - What was the Soviet Union’s role in the expansion of communism? Why did the West strive to contain communism, and were they able to do that?
  9. European Union – What inspired most countries in Western Europe to join forces to form the European Union?
  10. Population Growth – Why has influenced the population growth that’s occurred worldwide?
  11. Ancient Greece – How did Greek theater influence the culture? How did Athens and Sparta differ from one another?
  12. Chernobyl Incident
  13. The Unification of Germany
  14. The Spanish Armada
  15. Ancient Olympic Games vs. Modern Olympic Games
  16. Fall of Communism in Eastern Europe
  17. Why were the Dark Ages called that?
  18. The Influence on Roman Catholicism in Medieval Times
  19. The Spanish Inquisition
  20. What happened during the Battle of Britain?

These topics only brush on the surface of the number of topics available to write about on World History. Look to these to get brainstorming so that you can discover an original topic that interests you. Just be sure there’s plenty to research, and that you stay on topic throughout the whole paper.