Key points on essay writing: how to make a proper introduction

Introductions are something that many English students struggle with when essay writing. Making a proper introduction is difficult because they are not structured like body paragraphs. Body paragraphs are super straightforward, and all you have to do is chain facts and interesting information together. For an introduction, however, it is important that you use all the creativity and expressive talent you can muster. The goals of an introduction are pretty clear: you must get your reader interested in what you are writing about, and you must get the main points of your paper across. However, how to do this?

The first part of an introduction is grabbing the reader’s attention. To do this, consider two things about your topic. Why is it relevant to the reader and what makes it important? If you cannot think of a reason why your topic is important, perhaps you should not be writing about it. When you know why your topic matters, you know how to approach your reader with it. When you have the importance down, then you can relate that to your reader. Most essays have a specific audience, so you can relate it to their life if you understand why such a thing will be important. You are now ready to construct your attention getter.

Attention getters are a very simple concept of essays. They should be your first sentence or couple of sentences and the goal is to generate interest in your reader. For this, you need to have some interesting fact, and you need to get to the emotional heart of what you are talking about. After all, we connect what we are reading emotionally to become invested in it. Here is where you appeal to emotion so you can change to facts when you get on with your essay.

The rest of your introduction is going to revolve around your thesis statement. All a thesis statement is going to be is the fact or assertion that your essay is going to try to prove. It is not so much a big deal; it just has to be done thoughtfully. It is basically a topic sentence for your entire statement. After that, you need to support the thesis. This will be done with the majority of your essay in the body paragraphs, but it is better to give the reader a preview of what you are going to be talking about. This is done by talking about each body paragraph or group of body paragraphs for longer essays.