How to write a good plagiarism-free essay

Plagiarism is never desirable when writing any kind of an essay. This explains the reason as to why many essay writers are warned about such attempts before being assigned work to do. Plagiarism means copying some ones work partially or fully when writing your essay such that your work has no basis for originality. Such essays are tested against such attempts after submission to ascertain that they are free from plagiarism. Furthermore essays are supposed to be unique and they are assigned to generate new ideas that are inexistence and by copying from existing sources definitely violate the rules of essay writing.

There are certain facts that should be wisely considered when writing an essay to avoid plagiarism. These are;

  • The essay should be written exclusively without relying on other sources by just aligning your concepts well and documenting them as per your understanding about the topic.
  • If research is necessary, then one should do the research but write what he/she has understood from the source in his/her own words but the meaning of the content may not differ as much. However a research should act as an eye opener and one should not rely so much on those external sources.
  • Some words that need definition should be read from an external source and transferred to your essay using different words but the meaning is preserved.
  • One should avoid filler words from other sources as such can easily contribute to plagiarism.

Plagiarism is identifiable if certain words are seen to follow each other as it is in another already existing source. That’s why you don’t have to copy a whole context so that your work falls in the category of plagiarism. It’s therefore necessary to embrace originality in your essay writing and by so doing you are not likely to be a victim of plagiarism. This problem has rendered so many peoples’ work useless and thus no followers in their essay work.

Furthermore it’s against the law to alter some ones original work in the name of promoting yours. Such cases can get you into troubles which have implications of penalties after your case is approved and you are found a victim of plagiarism. Writing an essay work which is original and it carries no one else’s altered work is therefore quite necessary as by so doing your work is free from plagiarism and you are also safe from the consequences of plagiarism.