How to impress the Professor with your Homework

In a classroom setting, it doesn’t really matter what anyone but the teacher thinks of your assignments. Education is supposed to be for learning and for demonstrating what you’ve learned, but there are a few things you can do to ‘sway’ in favor of a better grade. For this particular assignment, ask your teacher lots of questions. Here are a few good ones:

  1. What have other students done in the past that you really liked?
  2. Are there any topics/projects/ideas you think are overused?
  3. Is it a good idea to do _____? (insert your idea)
  4. What impresses you most about an essay/paper/homework?

Another good tip you can use is this: play to your teacher’s interests. Do they like fishing, or have a class pet? If there’s a certain hobby or item on his desk, ask your teacher about it. Knowing that, you can write a paper about fishing, or do your poster design all about the class hamster. Try to think of things that your teacher would be interested in reading about.

One caveat to this advice: make sure you really know what you’re talking about. If your teacher has a fly fishing trophy or knows a lot about a subject, you need to, too. Writing a paper about something your teacher will be impressed by only works if you really do your research. In fact, writing a poor fishing paper is probably worse than writing about something your teacher finds boring and doing a great job on it.

Here are some general tips for good homework writing:

  1. Always get another person to read your homework. The computer spell and grammar checkers are not perfect, and sometimes even, you can overlook errors.
  2. Use a good template. If you’re writing an essay or other assignment with a certain structure, it’s a good idea to get something you can follow while writing your own essay or other homework project.
  3. Write your first draft as fast as possible. You can always fix things in the editing stage. Getting the rough draft done as fast as you can will save time and let your creativity flow.

Writing something that will impress your teacher isn’t hard to do. Whether you pick a great topic and go from there, or make a blander subject idea exciting, you can get noticed and get the good mark you want.