How to write a critique of an article

A perfect critique requires insight, asking profound questions and visualising behind the written words. Before trying to critique an article you must first have in mind the essential pointers you need to follow for a great result.


A critique is a text that offers a critical appreciation of an article.


You may begin by reading the entire article and taking notes about the subject as you read. Write down the author’s main idea/statement. After you do that, divide the article into smaller paragraphs with the different ideas and write the ideas using your own words. This way you’ll “scan” your brain for possible connections.


Start writing your paper with the most important elements of a critique. The article title, author’s name, author’s main point statement and source of the article.


Understand and write down concisely the author’s main evidences quoted. The explicit or implicit argument of his opinion. You should have a small summary by now.


In order to critically review the article, one has to ask himself/herself some questions. What are the credentials of the author? Is the evidence convincing? Are there any observations? Does the author’s interpretation of its argument lead the reader to the same conclusion? Are the judgements made correctly? What quote is brought to support the conclusion?

Verify the definition of the keywords. Are they well described? Be sure the author meant what he said and fully understood those definitions.

You should also ask yourself who is the audience. Is it persuasive? What is the motivation the author had when he wrote the article? What is the problem? Did you learn something from that article? Can it be used to improve people’s lives?

Asking questions is the best way to critique an article.


State whether you agree with the author. Give a general opinion about the author’s work. Furthermore, for writing an efficient article critique you need to perceive the topic of your critique, assess the structure, connection of the subject, the author’s style and different vital options. Also, one has to ask himself a few questions related to the criticized article, the author, his intentions and his arguments.

However, if you're unacquainted with the author’s style of writing, the example of another critique can be really handy. One can use an article critique example to construct their own critics.