Writing an Argumentative Essay Overnight

In order for an argumentative essay to be effective, it needs to contain the right elements. It's the writer's responsibility to plan ahead and prepare how you are going to introduce this type of writing piece. The most important thing for you to do is find the appropriate topic and you should consider multiple issues. Make sure that there is a conflicting point of view or a conclusion that opposes your own. Also, go over a topic list so that you can find a subject matter that you're interested in.

With a strong enough topic, you and your audience will take more interest in the subject matter. You will need to consider the position that you have so that you can back it up with the proper evidence. Even if you have a strong belief you also need to have a convincing defense that explains why it's logical.

Considering the Opposing Side

When you have chosen an interesting topic, make a list of points for both controversial sides. The first point you will have to make in your essay is why there is an opposition. You will need to have knowledge of that argument so that you can state it clearly in the writing piece. After talking about the other side, make it apparent why yours is a better choice. Throughout this essay it is your job to provide evidence without being too dramatic either. As you explore both sides provide proof as to why yours is a better side to choose.

The Writing Process

Once you've already built a solid foundation begin to work on the essay details. The essay should contain an introduction, body and a concluding paragraph. How long the essay is will depend on the assignment directions. First you will want to introduce your topic and provide the audience with some background information. The thesis will be a positioned statement on the subject.

Remember that your body paragraphs are going to contain the most important information. This is where the evidential content is and it will give readers more details on the controversy and also elaborate on some of the more important points.

After you have described the other side you can talk about your own viewpoint and then provide the readers with the evidence that is going to convince them why your reasoning is more logical. Make sure that you choose the strongest evidence and then present your points very carefully. Also be diverse with proof by using statistics and stories. This is the part of your paper that could be anywhere in length.

Remember that it's important to restate your position within the summary paragraphs so that the readers don't get lost in evidence and statistics. It's important that you aren't overly sensitive in this writing piece either – the more facts, the better. Always make an outline and cite your sources. Also, know that you will have to defend your side against some of the strongest opposing arguments, in case you are challenged by your instructor or other students.