Psychology essays: where to find good sources

The key to a great essay is to really know what you’re talking about and to be passionate about it. Even if it’s a topic that you aren’t that interested in, there needs to be some part of it that intrigues you or the reader will pick up on your disinterest. The best way to do that is to have a lot of research. Good research. Now what if you don’t know how to research things effectively? That’s okay. That’s why you’re reading this article right now. If you want to know about tips on researching, how to find what you’re looking for, and getting good sources, you’re in the right place.

Research Tips

For psychology essays or any other type of essays or homework that requires research, always refer back to your teacher’s instructions. It’s all laid out there for you: what they want to see in the essay, how it should be formatted, its length, ideas for topics, how it’s going to be graded, and sometimes even suggestion for books to look at. If you can stick to those guidelines then anything you find in research should be just fine. Your teacher will appreciate your ability to follow their instructions exactly.

Now that you’re ready to start the research, it’s time to get back into your class textbook. This is a great place to go to because you are already familiar with the material. You’ll find indexes or appendices in the back with other sources that are prefect to use. The sources and quotes from your class books will be the best way to find good sources that you know are accurate. Just be careful if your teacher doesn’t want you using the textbook, because some teachers don’t allow that. If you aren’t sure, check. Ask your teacher what you should use and what he or she doesn’t want you to use. It can seem like cheating if you just use class resources, to some teachers.

Another way that you can get good sources is to go online to sites such as Wikipedia where they have all the sources and quotes right at your fingertips. From each of those websites, you can find other references and keep searching through the chain to more and more material. This way, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, but it can be easier to have too much to sort through than nothing to find in the first place.