How to order a PhD Thesis on the Web

There is a great deal of choice available on the web for buying your PhD thesis. A quick search will deliver thousands of writing services on the results pages. The next step is just choosing the one you feel is right for you. Does it matter which writing service you choose?

You wouldn’t want just anyone writing your PhD thesis. After all, your name is going to be on it so of course you want top quality. Your choice could have a huge impact on the outcome of your paper. Your PhD thesis is the crowning pinnacle of your education level. This needs to be a success!

What to avoid in a writing service

  • Dirt cheap prices. Of course, you want to pay a reasonable fee but the old saying that you get what you pay for is very true when it comes to written work.
  • Writers without proven qualifications.
  • Writing companies based out of countries that don’t have English as the native language.
  • Companies that offer pre-written theses at reduced prices.
  • Companies that don’t offer a solid guarantee.

What to look for in a writing company

  • Custom written papers. All papers should be written from scratch. This will guarantee your paper is written exactly to your guidelines.
  • No plagiarism whatsoever. Using plagiarized material is the best way to lose your PhD forever.
  • Ability to choose which writer you want to write your paper. That way you can see what their qualifications are, what experience they’ve had etc.
  • Superb customer support. After all, this thesis is very important to you and you will be paying good money so you should receive stellar service.
  • Native English speaking writers that display their qualifications so you can choose the one that best suits you your writing project.

Only hire a writer who has done thesis papers before. There are certain elements your faculty committee will be looking for. First-time thesis writers often miss these elements or make common mistakes which means many revisions later. You want a thesis you will be proud to defend and be able to pass your defense easily and smoothly.

Never choose a writing company on price alone. The industry is quite competitive, so if you’re looking for high quality steer away from the cheapest prices and choose prices that look reasonable. You can make these comparisons by doing some browsing around on different sites and exploring their pricing for certain number of pages.