How to Write Better: Composing a 5 Paragraph Research Paper

We have mentioned many times before that the 5-paragraph Research Paper is the way to go if you want to improve your paper grades. When you work with a 5-paragraph structure your essay will be easy to read, understand, and clear. The best students know, that 5 paragraphs is all that it takes to write a concise research piece. Here, we will tell you how it is done so you never have to worry again.

How to write a 5-Paragraph Research Paper: Begin With An Outline

First things first you need to draw up an outline. A 5-paragraph research paper outline typically looks like this.

  1. Introduction/Hypothesis
    • Thesis
    • Introduce 3 evidence points
  2. Evidence point 1
    • Example 1
    • Example 2
    • Example 3
  3. Evidence point 2
    • Example 1
    • Example 2
    • Example 3
  4. Evidence point 3
    • Example 1
    • Example 2
    • Example 3
  5. Conclusion
    • Revisit hypothesis
    • Revisit thesis
    • Restate 3 main evidence points
    • Concluding remarks

Depending on your research paper goals and topic choice this outline may be modified to suite your assignment criteria. However, this is the basic way to structure and organize a brief research paper.

Researching For Your Paper

Once you outline has been set up the next thing that you need to do is the research. Using the appropriate research method fill in your outline. It is a good idea to use full sentences and re-write your remarks using your own words. This will save you time later on when you actually sit down to write.

Also keep track of your resources so that you can complete your bibliography with ease. We recommend that students who are writing short research papers only use two or three strong resources for their evidence instead of pulling from all sorts of different places. This will help to make your paper easy to understand. Remember, sometimes less is more. Choose strong examples that can be verified easily.


Since you worked smart and wrote an outline using full sentences, the composing part should be easy. Tie your different points together using connecting ideas and your clever writing skills. Voila, very quickly you will see your paper coming together. You’ve done it, you have written a simple 5-paragraph research paper.