Academic Writing Hints: Referencing Your Work

Writing can be a challenging thing for most college aged individuals. Not to say they don't know how to write, as they each were taught proper grammar and sentence structure at a young age. It is in coming up with content as well as writing papers according to different writing formats such as MLA, APA, and Chicago Style that is difficult for them. Another difficult part of writing is keeping your content unique and referencing your work. Today discussion will be centered on when you should reference your work, and how you should go about referencing your work.

When should you reference your work?

Let us note that plagiarism is not tolerated in any collegiate setting. It is frowned upon and you can receive some form of disciplinary action if you take part in it. This is why it is so important to reference your work. Referencing your work should be done in a variety of settings. If you are using a direct quote you need to reference the work. Some writing styles like APA require you to cite work through the use of in-text citations. You should always state who said the line, and when. If you are summarizing an article and include that work in your own, then be sure to make note in your paper where you got the information. This also holds true if you are using quotes.

Different ways to reference your work:

In-text citations can be done by stating the name of the person you are referencing before you state what your learned from them. Follow the quote, or paraphrase by stating the surname of the author, and date of publication. Some writing systems ask that you add in page numbers if applicable. You can use this as an example Roger (2004) stated that the world is a intricate mechanism that most do not understand. Another way to write it is The world is an intricate mechanism most do not understand (Smith, 2004). If more than two authors are behind the referenced work then state the surname of the first two and conclude by saying et al., then the year.

A reference list or bibliography can also be used to cite your resources. The list typically starts in alphabetical order by the author’s last name. These two ways to reference include every source that you utilized throughout the writing process.