Top 6 Worst College Essay Topics

There are some topics you just don’t want to explore, no matter what kind of assignment you face. Essays aren’t gateways to any and all topics of discussion. You have to be careful about the kinds of topics you choose to write on. Ruling out offensive, unintelligent or difficult topics can save you from serious consequences when it comes to your essay grades. The following list outlines some of the key topics that all students should avoid, regardless of their assignment.

  • Depressing content. Depressing essay topics include horrible things like divorce, self-mutilation, suicide, death and so much more. It’s just a bad idea to choose anything this startlingly depressing as your essay topic. No one will want to keep reading it, and its unlikely that you’ll find any meaningful gold buried at the bottom of that dark heap.
  • Celebrities and ridiculous pop culture. You may know everything about Lady Gaga – that doesn’t mean it should be a major essay focal point. It’s extremely rare than any version of pop culture and celebrity worship stands up in an essay.
  • Religion. Talking about religion – especially your religion, opinions on religion, or critique of religion – is just a bad idea. You never know who you’re going to offend, and it’s extremely easy to sound ignorant, arrogant or otherwise non-credible when you’re writing on religion. Do yourself a huge, solid favor and just avoid this entire topic when writing college essays.
  • Poverty. A lot of students flock to essays about ‘haves’ vs. ‘have-nots.’ These essays come off as pointedly redundant. Everyone has experienced the ‘I’m so glad for what I have, look at what these other people don’t have’ feeling. Most college professors and officers aren’t interested, anymore, in hearing a story about your face-to-face experience with poverty.
  • Your brilliance. Ever heard someone go on and on and on about how amazing they are? It’s the most annoying thing in existence. Don’t repeat this frustrating mistake in your college essays. Some of them will ask you to illuminate your strength or describe an experience – but this is not your ticket to portray how incredible, flawless and godlike you are. Stay humble, and you’re essay responses will stay positive.
  • Sports. This may seem like a strange topic to add to the list, but it’s also one of the most important to remember. Writing about sports almost never ends well for the student. Whether it’s about your love of sports or your own experience in a game, just avoid it. It will almost, without fail, fall flat.