Share Your Personal Essay Before Submission

Choosing a college or university is one of the most important decisions you will ever make in your life. Whether you get into the college of your choice or not may come down to how you are perceived to be on your admissions essay. This essay needs to be well written, concise, and free from spelling and grammar errors. Yes it is personal in nature, but do not let that stop you from sharing it with someone who can give you advice to make it better.

Most people will not go to their parents or other family members for advice if the essay contains personal thoughts. If you are comfortable with your parents or another family member looking at it, at least you will know somebody is reviewing it that cares and wants you to succeed. The downside is they also never want to hurt your feelings so they may hold back on what they really think.

A good to choice to share it with is an older friend who has been through the college admissions process. They could have some valuable tips from their experience. Listen to them carefully because experience makes the best teacher.

Another good person to share it with is a teacher or your school guidance counsellor. These people know the admissions process well and are able to give you excellent and impartial advice. Ask their advice on any other tips they have for you that may help.

There are professional counsellors who you can pay to guide you. If the school of your choice is very competitive than these people may give you an edge to getting in. They see the things that it takes to succeed every day and know it well. It may cost a little more money than you wanted to spend, but it may also be the difference of whether you get into that college you so badly wanted or not.

If you really do not want anyone real to see your personal thoughts you can post it anonymously on a chat site, but who knows what type of feedback that will bring. It is risky at best but you never know?

Just to be safe let someone take a look. As we said before, your admissions essay can really make a difference as to whether you get into the college of your choice or not. So loosen up a little and share it with someone you trust.