Best Ways To Fight Procrastination When Doing Your Homework

When working from home, with nobody to monitor our performance, it is easy to get distracted and to find other, more interesting things to do. This is particularly true now, with instant access to all the world’s information and entertainment at our fingers, on the very machines we use to do our homework. Why not open up google, now, and check my social media and favourite music sites? Well, because my homework will then take EVEN LONGER! So, how do we avoid wasting time?


At first, any personal project can seem never-ending. But, we do not need to do everything at once. If concentrating on algebra for two hours seems too much, then break your task into 20 minute intervals. When you have completed one, take a break, then get back and manage the bite-sized chinks.


People work on rewards and punishments: if you want someone to do something, then you will very likely have to pay them for that service, to entice them. Well you can do that with yourself. Each time you reach one of your targets, outlined above, you can do something which you enjoy, maybe play a level or two of a game, eat something sweet, or check your social media. v


When in the working phase of your targets, turn off the internet. There is simply too much temptation to search for things, and to get distracted and begin following endless links. By switching off the internet, and turning it back on during breaks, you will avoid distraction, and look forward to hitting your target.


Your bedroom, or the television room, may not be the best place to study. In fact, it may be better to do your homework in a place that you associate with work, such as a library or study room. When you are here, you will know that you are here to work, and you will maintain a good division in your work and living space.

So, although procrastination and distraction can seem to while away the work, to make it less of an ordeal, it in fact makes it less pleasant, and, more importantly, makes it take EVEN LONGER! Turn off the internet, hit the books, hit your targets, and then enjoy guilt free leisure!